People always ask the question- why hire a wedding planner? Can’t I do everything that they can? Not really. The question almost always comes up when an ideal venue is found for your Destination Wedding and the venue states that they come with a coordinator. Great! A “free” coordinator with my venue! Why DO I need a Wedding Planner? The differences will astound you.
  1. All about the…Venue?

Looking at venue coordinators I do have respect for them. They have to take care of the venue, it’s contents, bring business to the venue and see about existing business. For many venue coordinators, this is where it ends. Brides may not have the benefit of assistance outside of the venue. For many destination wedding venues, they may set up vendor meetings but no follow up is done. This is up to the client. If there are any outside vendors couples are left on their own. The Venue coordinator looks out mostly for the venue’s interest, which leads me to my second point…

  1. Few Options, not enough assistance.

It can be overwhelming dealing with the long list of vendors and duties leading up to and on the Wedding day. Many venues have a list of preferred vendors that they work with and sometimes, there are extras you need to pay if you bring a vendor outside of this list. With some venues, this tends to be a trust factor as they have worked with the vendor before without any issues, or they loved the services provided and received positive feedback from previous clients. With this being said, there may not be options that you want. The venue may only carry certain color linens or have one or two DJs or Bands on their list. This is where your Planner comes in. Your Planner knows your vision for your Wedding and will locate vendors suitable for that vision. So instead of having to choose between chocolate or vanilla buttercream for your cake, you can find a vendor who makes that Peach schnapps with Strawberry sorbet filling that you dreamed of.

  1. Get a Contract!

Some venues will let you know what potentially comes with the venue, but not what doesn’t or there are stipulations with what comes with the venue. Venue coordinators don’t have any control over this. They work for the venue and look after the venue. Hiring a Photo Booth? You all of a sudden find out that you need to pay extra for electricity. I even knew a venue that had an all or nothing clause where the clients will be in breach if they don’t take all the services offered. Make sure that if you do go with a venue that offers services you take your Planner with you who will be able to look at the contract and use his or her expertise and pinpoint any discrepancies.

  1. Day Of Coordination…maybe?

Many couples book a venue coordinator with the assumption that they will be doing a walkthrough, Rehearsal and the Day- Of activities. Couples are unpleasantly surprised when after booking the venue, the coordinator tells them they need someone to take care of the rehearsal plus the Day-Of coordination details, make sure any outside vendors arrive and even hire someone to cut the cake. Most times this is not the job of the venue coordinator. They have timelines for their staff and the Venue’s. Any extras (table numbers, decorations, gifts etc.) are left up to the couple. If this is a destination Wedding you do not want that hassle on one of the most memorable days of your life. You also don’t want to settle. You deserve to have the best for you and your guests and your Destination Wedding Planner makes sure that this is all taken care of. The venue Coordinator has their job to do for the venue, but you Planner looks out for you.

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