Now that you’ve realized how necessary a Wedding Planner will be to take care of all aspects of your event, you would want to do your research. Wedding Planners are generally open in answering initial questions prior to and at a consultation to ensure that they are a great fit for you. If pricing isn’t listed on their website, the best thing to do is call to ask which will let you know what you can afford as well as an initial feel for your Planner. You will be spending a few months well collaborating with the person after all!

Your Budget.

Do some research on Wedding Planners and weddings in your area. You can get an average idea of costs just by googling. It can change yearly. You can also do the same by looking up the average costs of Weddings in your area, or if you’re planning on doing a Destination wedding, what the average cost of a Wedding will be in that state or country. This will definitely save you the headache of not knowing what to spend on your wedding. Another thing would be to simply discuss with your partner what you want to spend on your wedding. If you have no idea, just simply consult with the wedding planner. 

What type of service

There are full service, partial service and month-of coordination Planners. If you want the planner to assist in planning and coordinating your wedding from start to finish choose a full service planner. Partial service for if you’re mid way into planning and if you already have your vendors and just want someone to oversee to ensure everything runs smoothly, month of coordination. Granted that many venues have in-house coordinators, most of the time they cater mainly to the venue and the coordination for the day may not include ensuring your vendors are there on time, things running smoothly and depending on the services provided, no breakdown of or accounting for your rentals, so ask your venue their dos and don’ts when looking for month of coordination.

Your Planner’s fee

Now that you have narrowed down your budget, before doing a consultation, make sure that you are clear on your Planner’s fees. This will give you an idea of how much to account for it in your overall budget. Some planners charge a flat fee, a percentage of your overall budget and others begin at a flat rate and then once the budget escalates, it goes to a percentage. The larger your budget, the more work is needed in managing and logistics for 3 ft tall centerpieces with crystals and imported orchids, or locating that vendor that will do the floral wall just to your liking. Wedding planning is alot of running around that you don’t do, and large budgets can mean that it escalates to almost a production level.

What do Planners do?

Even though there are a myriad of tasks that wedding planners perform, there are planners that do more than just plan and coordinate. Few do venue styling, which may either be built in to their fee or may be an additional cost. There are also a few planners that are florists. Decide if you want these packaged services or if you want a full on planner. Ensure that whatever services your prospective planner offers that they are included in the proposal and thereafter the contract.



Just like with hiring someone for a job, you need to be sure that they are a good fit for you and your significant other. You want someone who is on your page and can bring your vision to life. Seeing that couples begin planning weddings a year, sometimes up to 14 months in advance, you will be spending a long time speaking to your planner and discussing details of your big day. Your planner needs to listen and understand both of you. They also need to mesh with your personalities. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions to be sure that you can work with them. When things get tough and sometimes, they do, you want someone who would listen to you and not the family members that want to impose their ideas, or someone that can bridge that gap and ask the clarifying questions with the vendors that get technical and you have no clue. Your Planner is there for you, so when choosing, make sure they are.

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