A beach Wedding is one of the most scenic weddings out there. With beautiful ocean views, white or pink sands, and gentle breezes whipping through your hair, it seems like an almost perfect way to get Married.

Well….there are some things about beaches and Beach Weddings that you need to consider. Coming from Someone who has lived on a Caribbean Island most of her life and lived on the beach for most of her weekends there, the beaches have their Pros and cons.

1. Sand can get hot. Really hot!
Images of you walking down the beach Isle barefoot to meet your significant other sounds quite romantic, doesn’t it. This is when you need to be weary of the time of day you want to have your event. Early morning or late afternoon are preferable times, seeing that temperatures can get up there not just for your tootsies, but for your guests. Canopies, if permitted can be a good idea if the humidity is unbearable. Make sure and keep mini water bottles on hand for people attending, and little Parasols won’t hurt to shield that evening sun. Make sure and have a walk through at the time you want to have your event. This is not your conventional Wedding, so make sure and let your guests know with their invite to dress appropriately. You don’t need someone in a satin ballgown on the beach on 90 degree weather!
2. Bugs

Ah, another one of nature’s survival wonders. They’ve been around for thousands of years. One way to combat these pesky dwellers can be tiki-torch citronella wicks or candles in the area as well as some non-scented bug spray for your guests upon entry. You can also ask your florist about some bug repelling flowers for your event. These can keep the little critters to a minimum and isn’t too harsh on the environment. I’ve also heard of dryer sheets strategically placed on the seats to repel insects (I haven’t tried this but some people swear by it!)

3. Beaches can also get cold!
That seabreeze late evening into the night can be a bit chilly after being in the sun all day. Some people like to have the reception on or close to the beach. Depending on your location, make sure to let your guests bring a shawl, or even have those as a Wedding favor. Your guests will thank you.
4. Gone with the Wind
Beaches can be windy. Not great for veils or hair. Try opting for an updo or hair pinned away from your face. Updos can be beneficial as it keeps you cooler, and it will be easier on your photographer. Floral crowns, and bridal headpieces can be a beautiful alternative.

I have also seen isle runners attempted at a beach wedding. I have never seen this work though (unless you have a large bamboo isle runner with pegs on either sides and either end. Even this won’t make any sense) Embrace nature and keep it simple.

5. Be aware of the rules of the beach
Please be considerate of your surroundings. When your ceremony is over, make sure your Planner is aware of what needs to be done after the ceremony. Rose petal removal, trash removal, leaving your late evening sparklers in the sand etc. Beaches are mostly public places, but even the private ones have cleanliness rules and everyone, including yourself would like to enjoy them for years to come. Also, many beaches have ordinances and alcohol rules, so make sure and check to see if you need a permit for these things.
6. Have a Rain Plan!
Nothing like the Mother Nature to put a dent in your beautiful beach Nuptials. Torrential downpours and freak storms tend to creep up from time to time on beaches. Make sure and have a backup plan. Research the area, country and time of year you’re having your ceremony and reception. A nearby hotel or an alternate closer venue are good options.

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