Your wedding day is all about you both. All the planning that you did leading up to this day where you can celebrate your union in the presence of your friends and family. The day when your guests can bask in the glow of your happiness. The guests, however, need to be comfortable and happy while they do so. After all, you do want your guests to enjoy themselves…right?

So let’s look at ways that you can make sure that your guests can be comfortable at your special day.

Before the Event- choosing the date

One of the things about being a Wedding Planner is that I see sometimes there are Wedding dates that are chosen around the holidays when guests have other plans. You may want to reconsider having your event on the 4th or July or Thanksgiving Day. Themed days can substitute for the actual day so you have the same feel and effect. For example, Christmas themed Weddings can have a hot chocolate bar, complete with candy cane stirrers and marshmallows. Fourth of July can have American barbecue food, red, white and blue decor with sparklers. Guests will be thankful for the consideration

Cash Bars.

This one is slightly controversial. Some couples try to cut costs by having a cash bar, or a one drink minimum then having guests pay for their own drinks. There are some other guest options that are more pocket friendly for not just the guests, but the couple as well. Having wine and beer instead of the more costly liquor. I know of some that did spritzers as well. Signature cocktails can also be a cost effective as you can have this for a period of time in the reception and then stay with wine or beer. Also remember, the less people at your wedding, the less to spend on drinks. If you don’t need to invite your great Aunt Sally twice removed and cousin Vinny who you haven’t spoken to or seen since Uncle Clyde’s brother’s Birthday shindig which was almost 3 years ago, don’t.

Guest Games/activities

These work out really well for those late-spring/summer Weddings and even some destination Weddings. Giant Jenga is always a hit as well as ring toss. You want your guests to have fun and not break too much of a sweat. These games can be great at cocktail hour and are also interactive. For destination weddings take your guests on a culinary escapade as well as experience the atmosphere. Book guests on a nature trip or take them on a chocolate tour. Things like these along with your Wedding day and reception would make one they will not forget!


One of the main things that guests look forward to is the food. You can have the largest centerpieces and the most amazing decor and if the food is bland or mediocre, that is the one thing that would stand out. Make sure that you have tastings with your caterer and you offer at least a vegetarian or vegan option. With this being said, it is painstakingly difficult to fulfil everyone’s dietary restrictions. If you can afford to cater to this section of guests it would help with the guest experience. Some couples have one or two action stations which is also pleasing to the senses and give guests options without breaking the bank

These are just a few things to consider when you are thinking about your guests. Wedding experiences don’t need to be your typical run of the mill wedding. Remember to make it your own so that your guests remember what is uniquely you and celebrate along with you.

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