I’ve googled Wedding Planning for Grooms and a whole bunch of questions came up. Very few with solutions. Apart from Groom Groove, there are not many known publications that cater to Grooms.
In this industry that is ever-changing, Grooms are now becoming more involved. Some, so involved that they even help the Bride choose a dress (that may be another topic altogether) There are also some who choose not to be involved because….well…pretty much everything circumvents the Bride!

Being in this business for some 7 plus years now, what I have noticed is that when some Grooms are involved in the process and not just assigned duties like fill muslin sachets with candied almonds or cut DIY invitations, they get excited! they’re part of the process! Seeing that it’s Love month, let’s look at a few ways you can show your Groom love by involving him in planning your union.

Choosing the date

This is a special day for you both, so why not decide together? Sometimes it may be an anniversary of the day you met, the date you both said I love you…whatever it is this should be a decision that you both make and will remember.

The location.

Grooms do sometimes have dreams of where they get Married. So what if he wants to get Married in Madison Square Garden? O’Shea Stadium? Sure! We can look at that! Don’t shoot the options down just because it was not your choice or it’s the last place you want to get Married. Be open to other venues and see if your vision may work with it…you never know!

The Budget.

Now, here is where I have seen all Grooms cringe. Unless you have a “Wedding trust fund” or an unlimited budget, this is something you need to discuss, especially if you are both paying for the Wedding. Gone are the days where significant others put their hand out, out their lips and swipe! The card comes out and it’s done. Come up with a list of wants and needs for your wedding and then once the needs are kept, move on to the wants. This goes both ways. Cash bar? This is a want, Grooms. So unless you want Uncle Fester and Aunt Gertrude to dance on top a table singing to the Tarantela, think about it 🙂

His Best Man/Groomsmen

This is something you, the other half should stay out of. He needs to choose who he wants by his side. Period.

The Honeymoon

If he isn’t feeling the Disney vibe, by all means, don’t take him to wear Mickey-Mouse ears! If you are not feeling a Jungle Safari because you don’t like bugs or the outdoors, he shouldn’t make you do it either. Even if one wants to surprise the other, they should have a feel of your likes and dislikes by now to not book that Jungle Safari.

There are other ways to get the groom involved, but make sure to remember whatever you do, he’s excited because it’s with you!

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