Destination Weddings can be absolutely beautiful. They don’t necessarily need to be in a tropical environment. They can range from the Serengeti to Siberia. it‘s where you desire to wed your loved one with a few friends and family in tow. Some couples prefer to have their romantic elopement alone. Whatever you decide there are things that you need to consider before having your destination Wedding.

Visit the Destination!

Once you decide on a Destination for your wedding, it is wise to at least visit to get a feel for the environment. You don’t want to show up for your wedding and feel as though you’ve made a bad decision. See the venue, the area, the city! Sample the local cuisine and visit some of the vendors. Getting a feel of where you would like to be married is the same as you would for a local wedding.

Hire Someone

Many Destination wedding planners know the ins and outs of these locations. It may be easier for you to hire one of these gems of the wedding world (*wink*) to do the heavy lifting for you. They can make the recommendations for the local vendors and can even give you ideas for your guests to experience. Many destinations have more than sun sea and sand to see, so ask your planner!

Know the local rules and regulations for Marriage

Marriage rules in other countries may differ from yours, so make sure that you learn what documents you need to take in order for it to be legal. Some places will need a certificate in order to perform the ceremony and some even need you to be in the country for a specific amount of time. Sometimes the hotel can help or even your planner should be able to assist with this info.

Notify guests in advance

Rule of thumb would be to advise guests between 6-9 months in advance of your event. Unless you plan on sponsoring your guests, this will give them time to prepare and purchase airline tickets, take time off from their job or even find babysitters while they are away. You want your guests to be comfortable, so also make sure and find suitable lodging and hotels close to the event location.

Make sure the attire suits the location.

You definitely don’t want to be wearing a tux and heels on the beach or go cold shoulder in Anchorage, Alaska. Make sure your wedding wear suits the location so that you both are comfortable. One other tip: Don’t check your wedding wear! If you’re taking a flight to your destination, make sure you take your dresses and suits onboard. Most airlines are accommodating and can hold it in the cabin for you.

Consider using the local vendors

It can be quite challenging to move and ship items for a wedding back and forth. Why not explore the local talents? There are many hidden gems and many times hotels and planners may either have a list of recommendations or have worked with them before. Make sure and explore them on your visit so you can make vendor decisions ahead of time. Destination weddings have slightly different expectations most times and you can have both simplicity and elegance with minimal fuss and pomp.

…And one other added bonus of a Destination Wedding. You can honeymoon there! After the main event,  you can stay a while and enjoy the first few days of being joined officially as life partners without having to jump on another plane and go through jet lag and the packing and unpacking bit. Enjoy being you and away from it all for a few more days. This is a special time for you both and whatever you decide, it will be one for the books and one you remember for a long time.


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