You have the perfect venue, the flowers, the dynamite catering and the dress. You have your rain plan. Everything is in order. Then, one week before, you hear of a typhoon or a hurricane set to hit your beautifully planned wedding day. You’re freaking out because of the time and money it took to put this event together. Even though you want to pull your hair out there are things you can do to prepare for unexpected events like these.

Contact your guests.

Make sure that your guests are contacted so they know what is going on. Guests flying in for your event may have already heard advisories of impending weather conditions, however some may wait until they get to the airport. Ask your Wedding Planner if you have one, or a family member or friend to help. If having your Wedding in the winter, especially on the east coast of the U.S, you may want to find out if it’s possible for out of town guests to fly in earlier to avoid potential delays.

Talk to your venue.

In situations like these most venues are accommodating, but sometimes at this point the venue has already began to make plans. If for some reason you are unable to get even part of your deposit back, see if they can switch the date due to an impending hurricane or even snowstorm. Neither of you are at fault for this and even if you want to continue at a later date, most times the venue also doesn’t want to lose business.

Check your vendor contracts.

Stressing excessively over natural disasters will not alter the course. You and your guests’ safety should be top priority. Look for the clauses in your vendor contract pertaining to natural disasters/acts of God. Try to gather all of your information from your vendors and if there is no natural disaster clause in your contracts, talk to them. More than likely they will be monitoring the weather as well and they want to provide the service just as much as you want them.

Talk to your Planner about your date

Let your Wedding Planner know in advance the date you would like to have your wedding. This rings true especially for Destination weddings in the tropics. The Caribbean and the Pacific Islands encounter Hurricane and Typhoon seasons where these weather systems are most active. The east coast of the U.S.A have sporadic snowstorms in November and the beginning of March. A winter wonderland wedding can turn into the blizzard for wedding nightmares. Your Planner can advise you on better times of he year to minimize the risk of you encountering one of these, so keep your options open to avoid disappointment! Always remember it’s good to plan ahead, just in case mother nature decides to have one of it’s mood swings! 

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