I’m a worldly woman and love travelling, so understanding the locality of where I am is what I do!

Born and raised in Trinidad, I have lived in England, New York and Virginia and travelled to places like Paris, Zurich and the Maltese Islands. With 7 years of Wedding and Event planning under my belt and 15 plus years in customer service, it’s important to me that I know what my couples want and knowing both the surroundings and understanding my clients vision is key. When I’m landlocked or not Planning your amazing events I love to cook and experiment with dishes from Trinidad and try different ingredients that are available. I also love being with my two girls and Husband, who helps me sometimes with events!

I love… love!

As your Wedding planner, it would be my pleasure to assist you in your journey with your special someone. Set your mind at ease. So let me take the wheel and you both just enjoy the ride!

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